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How Easier It Would Be To Get Our Dream Degree After Years Of Exhaustive Studies, If You Can Give A Dauntless and Planned Dissertation Presentation Defending Your Arguments and Methods and Give Convincing Answers to All the Viva Questions Asked by the Dissertation Panel?

Does the idea of standing before your dissertation panel and defending your dissertation with strong arguments make you fret as this is the first time you are presenting a dissertation?

Is giving the research project presentation an essential requirement for passing the final year and you know nothing about how to prove it to others that your research is exceptional and useful?

Are you worried of your slow progress in making your report presentation as summarizing the lengthy report in a presentation of 10-15 minutes a difficult job for you?

Have you reproduced the entire scripts of your seminar presentation in your PowerPoint slides making them messy and over-crowded with text?

If any of the above line matches with your current situation, you must go for an expert presentation help instantly. Whether you are working on a thesis presentation, project presentation, report presentation or a seminar presentation, we will provide you the expert help to solve all kind of problems.

  1. Identification of Presentation Aim

After careful scrutinizing of your university provided assignment handbook, we will identify the purpose of your dissertation presentation among

  • Responding to one or more question
  • Arguing some point-of-view
  • Critically discussing or just explaining a topic of interest.
  1. Finalization of Important Points to Be Included in Presentation

After reading your given dissertation, research report, project report or other researched material needed to be presented, we will make important decision regarding the content of your dissertation by determining

  • The amount of information you can cover within allotted time
  • Which points need detailed explanation
  • The number of sections or sub-section to be included
  • The information that can be left out
  • And finally, a list of important points to be included in the scripts of your presentation.
  1. Write-up of Presentation Script

Keeping your research topic and material as foundation, we will write the script for your presentation speech

  1. The presentation script will be comprised of the points you will talk about in the different segments of your entire presentation. It will assist you in recalling the points in the right order and quickly all through your presentation.
  2. With the fully-prepared presentation script in your hand much before the actual presentation, you get the opportunity to rehearse and refine the presentation in the given time period.
  3. In presentations involving PowerPoint slides or OHT, you can use this presentation script to deliver your points to the audience without reading through the slide or transparencies.
  1. Creation of PowerPoint Slides or OHTs (Over Head Transparencies)

No matter whether your presentation requires PowerPoint slides or OHTs, we will create them for you using following features:

  1. Captions and Pointers
    Specific and guanine captions and pointers that will highlight the strengths of your research and will point toward the limitations in academic fashion
  2. Exemplars and Real-life stories
    Real life stories and examples to enhance the appeal of your work and to bond your audience with the topic so they can contextually comprehend your arguments
  3. Uniformity
    Maintenance of uniformity in the design, font, transition style, animations and effects as well as background
  4. Diagrammatic and Tabular presentation
    Use of diagrams tables and chats to present the information in clearer way.
  1. Free Revision of Presentation till Your Satisfaction

Customer Approval is what we look for and we can go to any length for getting it.

For getting your approval of the work, we will revise you presentation as many time as you want till you feel yourself comfortable with the presentation and are confident that you can face your audience and win over them.

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  • Signgal A4 sized page
  • Clear and summarized description of our presentation using bullets
  • Pictures and tables, if found appropriate
  • Expertly designed to corroborate with your presentation slides
  • Your contact information in the end to let your audience correspond with you.

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FREE Prompt/Note Card,(Actual Price:£29.95, for you FREE!)

Give a fluent presentation without missing any key information you intentded to include in your presentation speech with the help of our FREE Prompt/Note Cards.

Simple and clear for quick understanding

  • Sequential organization of idea through small prompt/note cards.
  • Specific prompts with “KEYWORDS” to remind the points to be covered.
  • Note cards having cues about delivery style, like…
  • Simple and clear for quick understanding
  • Preparation of as many cards as needed for your presentation
  • Composed on MS word document, in ready-to-print form

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FREE Guidebook on Presentation Delivery ,(Actual Price:£29.95, for you FREE!)

Give your Presentation with confidence without

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  • How to prepare for the presentation?
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  • Inspiring Conclusion

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Originality and Compliance with Dissertation

We Take 100% Guarantee That Your Presentation Will Not Contain Any Stolen Idea and Only the Required Information from Your Own Dissertation Will Be Taken As the Purpose of Your Presentation Is To Explain and Defend Your Methodology and Results With Respect To Your Research Objectives

Highly-Qualified Adept writers

The presentation scripts as well as content for your slides and transparencies will be written by our highly qualified writers having many years’ experience in the field and notable familiarity with the problems one can face while delivering the presentation so that they can identify and solve all the possible problems and make you end your efforts of getting your dream degree with a blast.

Scheduled Delivery

Be prepared for your presentation on time is what you want and what we’ll make possible. We will ensure the schedule delivery of your presentation so you can go through it and can come back for explanation or revision, if you want.

Everything fine till now but How Costly Is This? Find the Price for your Presentation Right Away through our user friendly calculator

  • Is the struggle you made for completing your project measurable? Any estimation of the time and money you have investigated till now on conducting the research?
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“Dissertation Defense are much more than the descriptive summary of the dissertations sections but are aimed to defend your work with confidence using your body language to support your words spoken with clarity and strength.”

  • We will develop the PowerPoint presentation for your project including relevant examples, heading and pointer so you can give a fluent presentation within the allotted time irrespective of the length of your dissertation.
  • The content for your research project presentation will be written with careful selection of phrases and illustration that highlight on your research findings and conclusions in an excellent manner.
  • The script for your dissertation presentation will be sectioned through headings to make improve its comprehensibility.
  • The complete package of your project presentation will be delivered in downloadable form to your email address.

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