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  • The word “CUSTOM” when used as an adjective means: made to order or made according to the specifications of an individual. And that is what our service is all about “Custom Research”. We will provide you a new, one-of-its-kind, made-to-order, tailored made, customized and 100% original research paper, based on your exact specifications.
  • The next obvious question on your mind should be, how? The answer of your “how’ is quite simple. As soon as you pay for the order, our system will find the most suitable author for your project. It will match the topic of the order with a writer who is most qualified to write the document that best suits your needs. If you need a research paper on psychology, your term paper will be written by a writer who has sufficient background in psychology.
  • We provide complete one-to-one online interaction with the writer to get a product of your needs. To get a research paper of your requirements, there is no better way, but to explain your requirements to the writer and later on keep a check when the research paper is in process. Once you place the order, the online line of communication will be opened for you. You can discuss and plan the whole paper including deadlines with the assigned writer. Also you can check your order status and see parts of the paper that your writer has done, to know that he/she is on the right track. All these factors lead to only thing and that is a product of your precise specifications. Original Research Paper does not co-operate with any research paper databases, nor maintains one of its own.


We only pay our writers to document their original thoughts and ideas, elucidated through high-class research and writing expertise.

Thus, the following is not acceptable under any circumstances:

– Copying and pasting off internet sites
– Copying out of books, texts, journals etc.
– Editing information from any such sources to disguise copying
– Lifting information/ summaries of information from searching Internet sites – even if referenced
– Otherwise heavily basing your work on the ideas/structure of others or your past pieces of work.

We remind you that as well as been carefully read by the Q.C. Department, all work is scanned against

  • 2 million hard copy sources
  • 4 billion web pages, and
  • Over all the past pieces of work of other researchers

Rush Delivery

It might happen that a deadline sneaks up on you and the research paper is due this week or even tomorrow. The assignment might be a trifling couple of pages or one of intimidating size. You might waste an enormous amount of time browsing web sites in search of relevant material and yet find nothing useful. Moreover, even if you are lucky to have enough information, turning it into a decent research paper can be unreasonable in terms of time and effort. If this is the case, you have come to the right place. Check out our prices and delivery days here.

Money-Back Guarantee

At Original Research Paper, we screen our writers very carefully, and we are confident in their academic writing abilities. Since we review each request before sending a quote, we are certain that our writers will meet or exceed your custom project requirements. If one of the completed research paper does not meet the required quality or is not custom written, and it is our writer’s fault, we will either revise the paper free of charge or refund your order amount.


How many times do you struggle to decide on a research paper topic? Sometimes it is difficult to think of a really good research paper topic. Hopefully, with these research paper topics, your problem will be solved. It has taken a while for us to build up a good list of research paper topics. If you don’t see a particular topic or subject, you can ask us to write the research paper of your choice.

Shop For Price Or Shop For Quality?

Research has shown that customers who perceive high quality in a product will be prepared to pay a premium price. This looks like another important affirmation of a solid link between ‘quality’ and price’.

We are not cheap but very competitive. It is a universal fact that quality is associated with price. The cheaper your prices, more vulnerable the quality. The sites selling custom research papers for $9 or even less cannot even imagine hiring a PhD Graduate to write a paper for you. They hire unprofessional, unskilled, foreign, low-paid, ESL amateurs who can’t write a coherent sentence in the English language. But we do hire professional, American writer with a high-level college degree in the necessary field of study and we have to pay them handsomely to write original research papers. Let’s have a look at our Basic Pricing Structure.

Format and Research

We have provided our writers a 24/7 access to almost any source of research including books, magazines, journals, newspaper articles, web sites, case studies, etc. They will research the necessary or requested sources and set up research paper papers in pure MLA, APA, Turabian, Harvard, or Chicago style with in-text (parenthetical) citations.


Your writer will never know your name or other personal information. Our service is completely anonymous. Since we only write one-of-its-kind papers, nobody including your professor can find your research paper anywhere on the web or offline. You will have 100% ownership rights of the product delivered to you. Your instructor will never know that you have used our services in writing your paper.

Our Authors

How do we find our writers and what do we look for in our research paper writers? We meticulously sift through America’s pool of research paper writers who are willing and able to write at the level and efficiency we require. Many research paper writers apply but very few make it. We understand that this means that on average we only hire 1 writer for every 300 applicants we receive. We are very particular; once we accept a research paper writer into our family we introduce him/her to our system of business, which is very different than any other company out there. Once we hire a research paper writer they rarely leave us. In fact, only a handful of writers have left on their own accord because of other opportunities that have arisen. We stress the importance of hiring the right person instead of the most educated person.

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