• Will you help me in the collection of primary data?
  • We will definitely help you in designing of the plan for data collection as well as the development of instrument (questionnaire, observation sheet, interview questions) for this purpose BUT we will NOT collect the Primary data for you. Primary data collection service is not included in our “Primary Research” Service.

  • What services are provided under “Primary Research” design service?

This is included in our “Primary Research” design service:

  • Use of research objectives as a foundation of research plan
  • Examination of size of sample as well as number of control and experimental groups
  • Suggestion for selection of appropriate study population and sample.
  • Consideration to the ethical requirement while planning for data collection
  • Development of data collection tool or instrument needed for your study.
  • Revision of the data collection tool or instrument after pilot study
  • Designing of an emergency plan in case of low response rate
  • When should I order for my “research design”?
    As soon as you start working on your dissertation proposal. Particularly, if your research involves primary data collection, you will have to submit the research plan as well as instrument with your dissertation proposal.
  • Will you help me in deciding the suitable research method or approach (qualitative or quantitative) for my study?
    It is probable that your supervisor will suggest you the method for your study. However, if not, our writer will face no issue in suggesting you the appropriate method after going through some basic details of your research like problem and objectives. We strongly recommend you to get the method approved from your supervisor before asking for further research designing.