Research Paper Abstract

For research papers, theses and dissertations, you are more often than not asked to write an abstract. The key point to keep in mind is that it should be short, since it must give a synopsis of your research. Actually, not only are abstracts short, they must be certain, specified length.

Many abstracts are, so, before you start writing, you must find out how your abstract extended should be and you should come close to – but not go over – this limit. Abstracts that go beyond the maximum word limit are often rejected because they cannot be used for databases, summaries of conferences, etc.

An abstract should briefly:

  • Re-establish the topic of the research.
  • Give the research problem and/or main objective of the research (this usually comes first).
  • Indicate the methodology used.
  • Present the main findings.
  • Present the main conclusions

It is essential that your abstract includes all the keywords of your research, as it will enable on databases which other researchers will search. Obviously if you only have two hundred words, you can only cover each of these areas briefly.

Writing research paper abstract can be experienced as a complicated job. If you consult a specialist like us, your problems could be solved. Abstract writing assistance may be needed if you are hesitant in writing it.

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