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Research Paper Editing

Our academic research paper editing service makes certain that the inscription be given a thorough proofreading and an analysis of the manuscript for consistency and clarity. Our editors are familiar with all the normal academic formatting and citation requirements (APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian and others).

They can also gladly incorporate special style guides that may be in use by individual departments.

Our research paper editing service highlights the following five fundamentals of the editing process:

  • Discussion: We want to take particular care of your research paper. To do this, as we work on your manuscript, you’ll have regular access to our editors.
  • Structural Consistency: In this stage of editing, we insert paragraph changeover phrases if they are needed, which reinforce the connection between thoughts, helping to make sure that your argument provides logical support for your unique conclusions.
  • Logic & Grammar: Mistakes in grammar are also mistakes in logic, since they easily puzzle the person who reads, making it look that the premises of your research paper are disjointed or ramshackle. When you order research paper editing, we correct subject-verb agreement, pronoun referents, run-on and fragmented sentences, weak or improper verb usage, and other fatal grammatical mistakes.
  • Style && Voice: Once your research paper is structurally sound, we work to give it a unique style and voice, eliminating uncomfortable or indistinct words and phrases and substituting them with stylish and clear-cut ones. This helps to make your script not only more steady, but also more specialized.
  • Proofreading: After we’ve completed the research paper editing pass we review your research paper a final time to ensure that all errors in spelling, agreement, and punctuation have been removed.

In addition to research paper editing, we offer research paper formatting service, which organizes your manuscript according to the newest APA, MLA, AP, and Turabian/Chicago manuals of style, or another style that you request. We can also work to meet the university-specific guidelines our clients send us. Combined with editing, our formatting service returns a clean draft of your research paper with headings, citations, preliminary pages, and references in immaculate form.

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