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Universities Have Played Important Role In Research

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In history, universities have always played an important role for the growth of the society. They have promoted talent, new ideas and innovations by the research conducted by their students in all disciplines. Multiple cities, countries, economic and social communities have make them an important part of the modern world.

Important Role In ResearchUniversities are contributing in the form of young graduates for the development and growth of industries. Moreover research tradition is also a major cause behind the growing concept in all over the world. In United Kingdom, universities took a larger part of budget from government. Britain governments understand the importance of education and learning that is why they keep on entertaining not only local uk students but also welcomes students from all over the world.


International students always found Britain not only a more secure place but a perfect place for their future life settling. Every year hundreds of students from prestigious universities of UK are recruited by the word’s largest companies.

Historical Universities In The UK

Top 10 Most Beautiful &Historical Universities In The UK

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UK is a land where you may find hub of universities which are not only beautiful but are important too from historic point of view. Universities in UK are the most prestigious universities which have a superb architecture. Following is the list of top 10 most beautiful universities in UK.

1. Cambridge University:

Its building is no doubt a landmark with respect to architecture. It was established in 1209. It was ranked second in Qs world university rankings.

2. Oxford University:

It is the oldest university in Britain. It was established in 1096. It was ranked 5th in the rankings. Many famous and influential personalities of the world have passed out from this university.

3. Durham University:

It is comparatively not much older as oxford and Cambridge. It is also divided into colleges which are based on Durham castle. There are only few fortunate students who also live in the castle. Its ranking is 92nd in the world.

4. Royal Holloway, university of London:

Royall Holloway became member of university of London in 19th century. Its Gothic style building was built in 1881. Its building is considered as the most impressive university structures in UK.

5. Queen’s University of Belfast:

It is the highest ranked university in Northern Ireland. It was established in 1849. It is among the oldest universities of UK. It Gothic Lanyon building was opened in 1849.

Frightens Postgraduate Students

7 PhD Myths Which Frightens Postgraduate Students

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According to a survey, most of the graduates are afraid of taking admission in postgraduate programs due to the common myths which they have been listening from their seniors. Following are the 7 common myths which prevent students to pursue their phd thesis:

Myth No 1: Will Have To Spend Day & Nights In Labs

Nights In LabsIt is a common misunderstanding among students that phd students are very nerd, they spent their days and nights in research work only. They are messy and tired. But supervisors don’t like donkey work. They like smart work. So better planning will never result in a hectic life after taking admission in postgraduate studies.

Myth No 2: Only Nerd Student Are Succeeded In Completing Their Phds

StudentphdsThere is no second opinion about the required analytical and research skills for a successful journey of doctoral degree.
Carrying out a big research based project is not an easy job but the key is planning and time management skills.

Myth No 3: Will Have to Report Everything To Supervisor like a School Boy

Will Have to Report Everything To Supervisor like a School BoyThe most important thing for an independent researcher is the ownership of the project. Don’t expect your advisor will assign you tasks like a school’s teacher. Set milestones yourself. Adopt proactive attitude to get positive feedback from the advisor.

Myth No 4: Should Have In Depth Knowledge of The Field Before Getting Admission In Phd

Admission In PhdStudents normally build their research habits during their final year projects in undergraduate studies. So there is nothing to worry. You can easy cope up with the loopholes in knowledge when you will do more research in your doctoral studies.

Myth No 5: Supervisor Will Identify The Direction of Research

Identify The Direction of ResearchYou should keep in mind from day 1 that supervisor is there to guide you, not for the research work. So keep calm, patient and carry your research in your own way after specifying the direction yourself.

Myth No 6: Research Will Be Published After the Finalization of Thesis

Finalization of ThesisDon’t be afraid that you can only publish research paper when you will get answers of all unanswered queries. Remember every research has a corner from where there can be a new beginning for the new minds. So stay with the facts and conclusions you have just derived. Go to Conferences and market yourself.

Myth No 7: Phd Degree Will Lead To A Promising Career

Phd Degree11Don’t expect that you will conquer the whole world after completing the phd, reality is not like that. There are not many positions in the job market as there are number of students passing out every year.

8 Tips for Students To Get Prepared Before the Exams Day

8 Tips for Students To Get Prepared Before the Exams Day

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Exams are always a challenge for student’s weather they are university students or college students. There are few tips which can help in finishing the exams with success.

Tip No 1:

Start revision after understanding clearly the content and format of the exams.

Tip No 2:

Check carefully if you have all the lectures or books that you may need so that so may remain under control during preparation.

Tip No 3:

Find pasts papers and practice them before the day of paper. It will help you to practice paper completion with time.

Tip No 4:

Take complete rest during exam preparation in order to refresh your mind. Remember exams are not more important than your health.

Tip No 5:

Eat healthy food and exercise regularly. It will ultimately boost your brain power. Also learn why Motivation is necessary for university students to achieve good grades in your exams.

Tip No 6:

Highlight key points and make short notes, it will help you during revision time. An effective approach is to explain you as a teacher.

Tip No 7:

Make targets of study and then plan according otherwise you will end up getting prepared for only a single subject or two.

Tip No 8:

Get some time to relax and release stress just before the day of exams. Never study till the 11th hour because it will make you forget many things which you have already learned.