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PhD dissertation proposal

What To Avoid In PhD Writings

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Being an academic is as pleasant as difficult it is. In the passing years it has become a common sight to see a bunch of doctorate students cursing the advisors or the system for the rejection they have suffered in their theses or the ‘unnecessary’ revision demands of the advising committee. Read More

undergraduate dissertation examples

Qualities To Look For In Hiring Dissertation Help Provider

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Undergraduates’ fears get double the moment they get to know that they have to prepare for undergraduate thesis writing. Only a few works themselves; following the undergraduate dissertation examples while most of the others believe that hiring an online thesis writer is the last resort and option for them. Hiring a professional is quite convenient but some rules even work in that area that must be followed. Here are a few points to keep in mind before going for the option of writing services. Read More

thesis presentation

5 Classic Presentation Blunders To Be Avoided In Thesis Defense

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1.Memorizing everything

One of the biggest mistakes that any sane person can do in his thesis presentation is memorizing and earning every point of your thesis presentation and overloading you with information. If everything you are going to say is an oral stimulus of what you have learned, every question will panic you. Do not try to learn everything but immerse in the information so that you may confidently answer even if you have to say ‘I don’t know’. Read More

English UK Wales

English UK Wales – New Horizons For Education Industry

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Eight member schools, this month, contributes in the emergence of another national association called English UK Wales. The project aims to promote aesthetically and tourism aspects of the cities, spectacular coast and country side, opportunities for students and quality of life in Wales to the educational agents through inward operations and fan tours. Read More