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7 Tips To Start Writing Your Final Year Dissertation

If you have not started writing your dissertation work up till now then it’s time to start research work from today. If the idea of research writing bothers you then you are not the only person in the world so keep calm and remember when there is a will there is a way. So the first technique is to plan very well before starting the dissertation writing work. You should just read first research writing deadly mistakes in order to plan well.

How much you are irritated when somebody asks you about number of words you have done with the thesis and you feel ashamed as you are habitual of studying at the eleventh hour. There are tips that will surely help you in order to compile a quality dissertation with lesser time.

Tip No 1
Never Work on Bed

It’s a common practice that most of the students are habitual of using laptop while lying on their beds but it’s a very harmful habit not only for your eyes but for the studies too. Working or studying in bed not only slows down the efficiency of mind but also increases work completion time. People who work on bed mostly wake up in morning with a blank word document.

Tip No 2
Separate your work pace and leisure place

If you don’t do that then surely you will get nothing but frustration. So it’s better to stuck yourself with a library or a study room.

Tip No 3
Fix a Target & Reward Yourself

It’s a good practice to fix a target like completing the whole pdf in an hour and upon completion rewarding yourself with a prize which you like the most. A good idea is to reward with a delicious food item.

Tip No 4
Keep your lunch with yourself at library

Another important tip to stick with your reading stuff is to carry your lunch with yourself so that hunger may not distract during research time.

Tip No 5
Turn off Your Mobile Devices

The most disturbing thing during study time is the annoying sound of mobile phone. So the simplest solution is to turn off the gadget. If you keep it silent then again it will distract you. So always schedule a separate slot for sleep time, work time and technology time.

Tip No 6
Set Deadlines

The best practice before starting research work is to set deadlines but there should be realistic deadlines. Commit yourself with these deadlines so that you may compile a final dissertation on time.

Tip No 7
Fix few minutes for Refreshing

Although it is pretty good if you commit yourself for all 7 days but every day you should spent few minutes to refresh your mind. It may include calling your best friend or watching your favorite TV show or watching a movie on YouTube.

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