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Albert Einstein Essay Help

To write about a legendary personality as Albert Einstein is not a piece of cake and in order to start and finish an essay on Albert Einstein you need to perform a deep research on who actually Albert Einstein was and what were his accomplishments. Well, quite frankly, I don’t think that there would be anyone 2who has heard the name of Albert Einstein as he was the famous scientist and an all time genius.

He was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879. He and His family shifted to Munich later where he started his schooling at Luitpold Gymnasium. After some yrs, Einstein’s family went to Italy where he preceded his studies in Arau, Switzerland. Then, he entered to the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School that was located in Zurich to get training as a teacher in physics mathematics.

1901 was the year when he gained his diploma and this is the time when he got his Swiss citizenship. However, soon he got frustrated as he was unable to find a worthy teaching job. So, he attained a post of technical assistant in a Swiss Patent Office. he gained his doctor’s degree In 1905.

During the stay at the patent office he gave rise to some of the remarkable works of his time. In 1908, he was chosen as the Privatdozent in Berne and in 1911 he became a professor of theoretical physics at “Prague”. Albert Einstein came back to Zurich to be selected for the similar post.

The upcoming years were very thrilling for him as he became the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute and a professor in the Berlin University. At the Berlin University, he gained the citizenship of Germany in 1914 and lasted out there for long. Then he gained the citizenship of United States in 1940 and got retired in 1945.

He was fully familiarized with the inadequacy of Newton’s mechanics and his theory of relativity stepped out from an effort to merge the mechanics law with laws of electromagnetic area. Einstein also worked with the thermal properties of light which resulted in the maturation of photon theory of light.

Therefore, you must go through the detailed Albert Einstein biography in order to write a successful essay on him; however the info I provided you here will be a lot of help to complete an Albert Einstein essay.

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