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How to write an Art Essay on History That Will Surely Lead You to Success?

The first step of writing an art history essay is collecting all the information required, Then selecting the theme of essay. If you have already decided the topic of your art history essay you must try to collect as much info as possible. There is an array of essays you can write on e.g. abstract art essays, art nouveau essays etc.

Strategies for note taking for abstract art essay:

Mostly people like to write their notes on with full citation and references while others take notes on the sheet of a paper while documenting the sources on written at the top. If the research work is very extensive, then you should also go for e-notes (Internet notes).

Now, when you are done with the note taking, you are ready to start your essay. The next step for writing the art essay will be the thesis statement.

Write a thesis statement?

A statement is something in an essay which will be defended by the writer in the coming paragraphs. It includes all the pointers that will be supported by you with the help of examples, facts and evidences. On the whole, a thesis statement provides an outline for the reader of your whole essay.

Below in an example of a thesis statement:

“Purchasing television advert is requisite for every candidate to obtain an election as television reaches millions of people and hence, drastically raise the name recognition”

Outline of your essay:

Every thesis holds a claim that is explained thoroughly in the essay. You may create three or four ideas and explain each of them in detail. For this; you have to get back to your notes so you can find out the backing examples and evidences.

Finally, organize them into different sections then explain each of them in a step by step manner with the help of relevant evidences and examples.

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