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Ayn Rand Essay Topics

If you are one of those students who desperately want to take a part in an ayn rand essay contest but have no idea what ayn rand essay writing is all about, then you have landed on the right page! But before learning how to write an essay on anthem for Ayn Rand essays contest, let’s look into what this book is all about.

“The Anthem” is a short novel written by Ayn Rand in 1938. The famous philosopher ayn rand introduces this novel by the idea of objectivism. Prometheus, who is a character of the novel used to worship the word “WE” and where the individuality is crushed due to the idea of collectivism. The whole novel is about the efforts of the Prometheus to get rid of the mental binds of the society. Prometheus wanted freedom with the help of reciprocal bonding.

In order To win an Ayn Rand essay scholarship, you need to first settle on a topic. For instance, A. Anthem: the Liberation process Or, B. Concept of “Me” before “We”

Now, comes the thesis statement part of your Ayn Rand essays. You will need to create a thesis statement according to the relevancy of the topic for your Ayn Rand essays. For example,

The book “Anthem” is the tale of a young man who wants to be free from the abidance of the society. It basically shows the human nature and the need of wisdom as much as possible.

The body paragraphs of the Ayn rand essay

In the main body paragraphs of the essay, you will have to explain your thesis statement in a more exposited form, for instance if you are using the following thesis statement;

“Anthem impersonates the basic dissimilarity between the two concepts “I” and“We” that is individualism and collectivism respectively”


An essay conclusion contains the main gist of the essay with a short summary of the arguments given in the essay; try not overdoing it by giving protracted statements so you can easily win the Ayn rand essay contest along with the Ayn rand essay scholarship.

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