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7 Tips To Start Writing Your Final Year Dissertation

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If you have not started writing your dissertation work up till now then it’s time to start research work from today. If the idea of research writing bothers you then you are not the only person in the world so keep calm and remember when there is a will there is a way. So the first technique is to plan very well before starting the dissertation writing work. You should just read first research writing deadly mistakes in order to plan well. Read More

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Top 4 Ways For College Students To Make Money Online

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Educational industry is revolutionizing everyday with millions of new reforms and technologies and these new strategies always find their way to escalate the academic costs for middle class students. Many of the students have to leave their careers in between because of lack of funds and resources. Making money online is a way that can help students out of this problem enabling them to earn from home and pay their tuition fees. Following are the different fields students can get associated with based on their abilities and make their dreams flourish. Read More


Seeding Book Reading Habit Among Students Is The Need Of Time

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Book reading is a trait on its way to extinction. With the overload of technological devices and search engines, students seldom buy books and with search engines, information finding process has gone too specific. No one wants to bother for book reading to get acquainted with a certain topic when they can just ‘Google’ it instantly. Following are the suggestions for teachers and parents to help cultivating the habit of reading among children. Read More

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Problems Faced By Overseas Students In UK

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With UK as the largest industry for international students, it also steals the tag of largest number of stressful individuals. A number of students from diverse cultures and developing nations make ay to UK to find better academic opportunities but the toil of these students do not end up even after the long strive for visa and other formalities. Some of the difficulties that international students face in UK are: Read More

Peer Pressure Among Students

Origin Of Peer Pressure Among Students

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Peers are your colleagues, mates, class fellows or fiends that belong to the same age group and in most case the same status. The feeling of doing something in a particular environment, so that you do not feel left out, to join a particular group or not to fall short of the standards as others are competitive, which you will not consider doing otherwise is the Peer Pressure. In other words, it is about living spot on to the expectation of others. Read More

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How To Deal Effectively With Exam Anxiety

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An uncontrollable feeling of rush and confusion in mind, loss of appetite and continuous feeling of butterflies in stomach are only a few symptoms that most students get as the exam date approach near. Exam anxiety is the most unwelcomed yet the definite feeling students suffer from that highly affects their performance in the examination hall with a direct impact on grades. Here are a few points that may help you to deal with your panicky behavior and anxiousness during the exam days: Read More

How To Handle Peer Pressure In Studies

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Reaching the adolescent age, being a freshman or a sophomore year student could proof very challenging. This is the time to stand up for your individuality, take control and responsibility for your actions and decisions but peer pressure can completely alter your personality, reforming you into a person you never were or never wanted to be. Here are a few tips that may help you to manage you peer pressure. Read More

Top 5 Common Freshmen Health Issues

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Going college, leaving home, challenging introductory classes, unfamiliar environment and rules sometimes seem too much to handle for freshman. The pleasure of entering the college soon vanishes away and psychological and physical stress loom over the students causing numerous health issues. 5 most common health concerns that students bear are as under: Read More

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Building Research Skills Among Students

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• Accurate sources

Students, with the availability of internet, consider themselves proficient researchers and tend to underestimate the importance of validity, accuracy and context. Classes and lessons must be arranged to make the students learn about the security and authority of their research. This can be done by making a checklist and asking the students to find the websites on a particular topic that fulfill the criteria on the checklist and of those that fail to do so. Read More