Building Research Skills Among Students

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Among Students

• Accurate sources

Students, with the availability of internet, consider themselves proficient researchers and tend to underestimate the importance of validity, accuracy and context. Classes and lessons must be arranged to make the students learn about the security and authority of their research. This can be done by making a checklist and asking the students to find the websites on a particular topic that fulfill the criteria on the checklist and of those that fail to do so.

• Using appropriate keywords

It is important for the students to learn the importance of keywords. Activities must be exercised that encourage the students to change a certain query in various forms and evaluate the results on the basis of specificity.

• Making tree structures

Students tend to terminate the search as soon as they find a single trust worthy source. Cultivate among the students the habit of going in depth of the results by making fact trees. The main search’s immediate answer goes in the root and all the additional information appear as the branches and leaflets so that it could be shaped in a smooth report later.

• Piracy awareness

It is necessary for the students to know on individual level the moral and ethical constraints in researching. Piracy, in today’s world, is losing its negativity and the idea of stealing other’s work is no more considered as ‘stealing’. Workshops must be held to demonstrate the cons of plagiarism and piracy and ethical boundaries must be defined with penalties.