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How To Write Character Essay Introduction

Character essays are used to provide a detailed analysis of a particular character, usually it is five paragraphs long but there are no standard rules as far as the length of an essay on character is concerned. Character essays are the easiest form of the essay writing but still many students don’t know how to handle It in an effective way especially when it comes to the introduction writing. So, we thought to provide a brief guide for writing the introduction for character essay.

How to write the introduction for essays on character:

Write an outstanding thesis statement:

A thesis statement is the backbone of a character essay, so it should be written in way that holds the reader till the end. The main components of a thesis statement in essay on character are the name of the book or play and the author. For example; if you are doing character essay writing on the character of “Othello” written by William Shakespeare then your thesis statement could begin something like this:

In the famous tragic play, “Othello” by William Shakespeare…

No matter in what way you begin the thesis statement of character essay, just make sure it consist of the name of the play and the author.

Ask a question that intrigues:

You can also start your essay with an intriguing question but make sure it is relevant to the topic of the character essay and which forces a reader to read the rest of the character essay. For example; “Are you one of those who take Othello as a bad influence on the rest of the characters in the play?” This is how you can push them to get to the answer.

Note: If you are using a question starter in essay on characters then you should make sure that you are not incorporating the thesis statement in it because you cannot use more than one sentence starter in the essay. Using many opening sentence ideas in the introduction confuses a reader leaving a bad impression so be careful in that.

Use a quote or reference from the play:

Obviously you will be reading the play in order to understand the concept of the character, so you can take out some quote or line that was said by the character that shows his personal self to the world. You will then continue on writing about him in the body of the character essay. Sometimes, students use any quote from the play which does even not comprehend to the nature of topic, so make sure you are committing such mistake.

Hence, there are other tactics as well to make the look of introduction much better but the preceding ones will work like anything. You must read them and see which one interest you the most because if you don’t like and know how to write the thesis statement then there is no use of trying your hands on it. Final words of advice are to be creative and original while writing essays on characters.

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