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Using Technology To Cheat Essay Writing Services

Are you cheating essay for your coursework and worried you will get caught by your teacher? How about using technology to cheat essay? Do you know you can trick to cheat essays?

Before trickin; you should know what it’s all about. Turnitin is software created by iParadigms, LLC for checking plagiarism. University, college and school officials usually use this software to detect the cheated essays.

Today, students prefer to cheat essay rather than relying on their own writing skills but cheating essay let them feel uneasy and they think what if they will get caught by the Turnitin.

Rather than spending hard-earned money on getting expensive writing services, here is the simple way that students can easily utilize for tricking turnitin in detecting cheat essay writing services;

At first, you should go to edit; then click replace.
On ”find what“ put the letter “a” and replace it with either “a~” or “aa”.
It doesn’t matter whether you use “aa” or “a~”
Go to tools; then Macros (Macros are series of command in word which have been considered as difficult to work with; however, with careful planning, you can use Macros efficiently) and type “AutoOpen” in the macro name field and click “create”
Type in
Sub AutoOpen()
Macro created (today’s date) by (should say your name) With Selection.Find
.Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll
End With
End Sub
(Fill in what’s not already on screen)
Save it (press Ctrl+S)
Then save the document.

How Will It Work?

Once you save your document, Turnitin will see “a~” which will give you 0% plagiarism and your will only see “a” due to the macro running in the background when the teacher will open your saved document.

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