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Qualitative Comparative Analysis Research For Original Research Papers Versus Online Writing Services

This evaluation permits you to distinguish precisely why Original Research Paper is superior to any other writing service.

Original Research Paper

Made-To-Order Research Papers:

We only provide Tailored Research Papers by allowing our customers to communicate with their assigned writers.To get a paper of your exact requirements, there is no better way, but to explain your requirements to the writer and later on keep a check when the research paper is under process. Once you place the order, online communication will be opened for you. You can discuss and plan the whole paper including deadlines with the assigned writer. Also you can check your order status and see parts of the paper that the writer has done to know that your writing is on the right track. All these factors lead to only thing and that is a product of your precise specifications.


Most of the research paper writing websites supplies substandard, obsolete, second hand and copied documents that are filled with grammatical and spelling mistakes. Other research paper websites sell pre-written papers and make use of the same imitative pre-written papers for writing fresh documents. To develop and enhance their pre-written database they also bring into play links such as “Submit your Paper” or “Donate your Paper”. This obviously indicates that they utilize inferior papers for customized writing.

They give access of their pre-written database to their writers to write a fresh research paper. The author does not document his/her original thoughts and ideas, rather just paraphrases the material.

Anti-Plagiarism Scan

Anti-Plagiarism Scan: We use MyDropBox.com to scan any possible (intended or unintended) plagiarism. Also on our client request, we send the plagiarism report to him/her.

Whereas talking about the qualitative comparative analysis research of substandard online writing services, they use anti-plagiarism software to scan the papers for any possible plagiarism, but they do not provide any proof of the software scan, which clearly suggests the lack of employment of software scan.

Right Man For The Right Job:

One of the most important factors in delivering a completely customized research paper is, “right man for the right job”. As soon as customer pays for the order, our system finds the most suitable writer for the project. It matches the topic of the research paper with a writer who is most qualified to write the document. If you need an research paper on psychology, your research paper will be written by a writer who has sufficient background in psychology. We receive more than 300 queries a day to write research papers on various topics, but we only accept those projects, which our authors can successfully handle. We do not take orders that our writers can not handle.

You will never find a research paper writing site except us saying, NO, to your query. No matter what is the topic of the research paper, they will always say, Yes we can do it. Furthermore, when they obviously fail to complete your research paper, and you ask them to refund your money, they don’t reply at all.


We meticulously sift through American’s pool of qualified writers who are willing and able to write at the level and efficiency we require. Many writers apply but very few make it. On average we only hire 1 writer for every 178 applicants we receive. We are very particular; once we accept a writer into our family we introduce him/her to our system of business, which is very different than any other company out there. Once we hire a writer they rarely leave us. In fact, only a handful of writers have left on their own accord because of other opportunities that have arisen. We stress the importance of hiring the right person instead of the most educated person. We have different writers for different topics and each paper is written by its topic expert.

A qualitative comparative analysis research reveals that most of the writing service providers hire unprofessional, unskilled, foreign, low-paid, ESL amateurs who can’t even write a coherent sentence in English language. Most of them are freelancers and high school and college dropouts. To identify research paper writing websites that hire unskilled writers, look for a link “Write For Us” or “We Are Hiring”.


We are the only writing service to write your research paper from the requested resource by you. We have access to nearly every possible resource including but not limited to research libraries containing millions of books, journals, periodicals and magazines.

On the other hand, in other service providers, more often than not, the research paper is not written from the resource customer has requested. And you end up asking them to refund your money.

24-Hour Customer Support:

We provide24/7 Customer Support through Live Chat, E-mails and Fax. Very few websites in the industry provides customer support via live chat.

Although there are websites that use the icon of live chat on their websites. But when you try to chat with them, it will redirect you to send your message rather than interactive live messaging.

Limitless Free Modifications:

We provide unlimited alterations to your draft with no any extra charges. For total satisfaction of our customers we provide unlimited amendments offer. Our company guarantees that the paper you receive will be well supported and referenced according to your specifications. However, if there is anything you do not like about your paper, we will provide unlimited revisions free of charge.

Most of the research papers writing websites do provide revisions but not for free

You have to come up with a revision with a certain period of time to claim it for free. If you come after the time period they have mentioned, they will not do it for free.

Account Area: We provide a personalized area to all customers where they can:


We, unlike other services, understand our capabilities and resources very well. That is the sole reason we decide the deadline for the number of pages you would choose.

A sensible customer understands that to produce an original paper without any doubt of being copied, it takes time. Most of the customers do give us the time requested by us, just because they know they will get the required quality.

well, when we look at the qualitative comparative analysis research in critical perspective in many online services, we see that they have given an open hand to the customer to choose any deadline for any number of pages. For instance, if customer wants to order 55 pages in 24 hours, he/she can do that. You can bet your bottom dollar that they can never deliver 25 pages in a day. It is physically and mentally impossible unless they are providing a plagiarized paper. We don’t say what we can not do.

Discount Offer:

In order to build mutually beneficial long term relationships with our customers we are giving up to 10% discount.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Since we review each request before accepting it, we are certain that our writers will meet or exceed your custom project requirements. If one of the completed assignments does not meet the required quality or is not custom written, and it is our writer’s fault, we will either revise the paper free of charge or refund your order amount. Majority of writing services do provide money-back guarantees. But they are only guarantees. In reality they do not refund the customer’s money, if failed to complete the project. If they are forced to refund the money they deduct service charges.

Completely Classified Service:

We do not store any information on our computer systems about a specific user. We use industry standard secure process to transmit your sensitive data using 128 (bit) encryption. We have selected the leaders in security business processing; our transaction process is guaranteed to be authentic. Furthermore, the writer and you, both, will remain anonymous throughout the project. Your professor will never know that you have used us to write your research paper.

If you make a qualitative comparative analysis research report, you will be surprised to find that most the of research paper writing websites not only maintains but sells the database of pre-written papers, you can never be sure about your confidentiality. Moreover, customer’s emails are sold to email list vendors, resulting huge junk e-mails annoying the customers.

Statistical Assistance:

We are a research company dedicated to help Undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate-level students finish their research papers or thesis. Through our own experience, we know what it takes to design a study and analyze the data.

Research Paper Editing or Re-Writing:

Our academic editing service makes certain that the inscription be given a thorough proofreading and an analysis of the manuscript for consistency and clarity. Our editors are familiar with all the normal academic formatting and citation requirements (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian and others). They can also gladly incorporate special style guides that may be in use by individual departments.

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