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Free Critical Thinking Essay Writing Skills

One of the most thriving essays for which student’s writing skills are being tested at the most is a critical thinking essay. As critical thinking essays engage philosophical thoughts; thus the students have to be very clear-cut and concise in delivering their critical thoughts to the writers. Students should have their expertness on the 3 below given writing skills so he can easily write critical thinking essays:

  1. Congregation of the Crucial Points: Students should be able to gather the main points for their essays if they have control on the following:
  1. Facts: Gathering up information which is factual and reliable.
  2. Claims: coming up with strong propositions in order to explicate the topic of an essay.
  3. Presuppositions: Implication of realisms, principles and arguing.
  4. Evidence: Be able to come up with the evidences and proofs that support the hypothetic claims.
  5. Argument: Developing arguments which should be made up of reasons that support the determinations.
  6. Theory: Be proficient to explain the entire topic. For instance: if the topic is “French Revolution”; then the students should explicate its origin, development, and importance with the help of arguments and cognition altogether.
  7. Rhetoric: present the points in a way that engage and communicate the ideas effectively.
  1. Efficiently Putting on the primary and secondary sources: All primary and secondary sources would help students to examine the specifics, theories and historical evidences concerning their critical thinking essay matters crafted by people in the past. below is the list of core primary and secondary sources that the students should make use of while writing a critical thinking essay:

I. Primary Sources:

II. Secondary Sources:

  1. Critical Analysis: It involves the critical questions that students have to respond in line to come up with well-built critical thinking essays. The questions may be as follow:

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