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  3. Every field of study has different requirements for dissertation writing help, making it important for us to assign your dissertation writing help task to only a relevant writer – the one with degree in your subject and experience of writing at least one successful dissertation on a similar topic and up to your level of study.
  4. Zero Tolerance for Plagiarism

We deem it unprofessional and unethical to prepare a plagiarized work. We take the following measures to ensure that your work is 100% plagiarism-free:

  1. Scanning every final draft through Turitin.com before sending it
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  3. Checking the originality of the work by comparing it with several sources including,
  4. 2 million hard copies
  5. 4 billion pages from web
  • Millions of dissertation and research paper written by our writers
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We don’t want you to hold your breath till the last minute. We will give you enough time to review your work before submitting it!

  1. Your dissertation will be delivered to you much before than you expect or, in case of any emergency, not later than the date specified by you on your order form
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  3. Guaranteed Desired Quality of 2:1 Standard
  4. We ensure that you always get satisfied with the provided work. So if you desire for 2:1 standard, then you’ll get a 2:1 standard dissertation.
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We’ll make sure that your dissertation adviser will never get aware that you have taken help from us. For this,

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  • Narration of sources from where literature can be obtained for review
  • Suggestion for minimum number of study participants
  • Description of how the research will be conducted

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  • A separate section og items on participants’ profile
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  • 250 to 300 words written afresh
  • A synopsis of the dissertation containing key detail of study objectives, methodology, results and conclusions
  • Gives a brief explanation of how and why the study was conducted as well as study outcome and their effects.

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FREE E-Guide on How To Present You Dissertation”,(Priced £29.95, FREE for you!)

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  • 7 key questions necessary to be asked prior to presentation
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  • Advice on how to give sufficient answers to the viva questions.

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