• How exactly will you improve my document?
  • It entirely depends upon your requests and specifications. In essence, we are offer 4 sub-services with regard to “Editing”. Here are their details…
  • Proofreading:
    Detection & rectification of mistakes in spellings, grammar and punctuation ONLY
  • Stylistic Editing:
    Evaluation of the language, style (formatting, referencing and citations), and overall organization of your writing, with advice on how to improve it PLUS proof-reading
  • Total Edit:
    Recommendation for the suitable placement of ideas and arguments PLUS Proofreading and Stylistic Editing
  • Marking:
    Grading of your work by carefully selected UK based academic standards or your university specified grading criteria, and suggestions on how to improve your work for getting better grades.
  • Does editing service include rewriting as well?
    No, editing services does not include researching, writing, re-writing, or adding passages in the work. However, you might get suggested words, phrases and ideas for the improvement in arrangement and uniformity of the paragraphs and chapters in your document, wherever deemed appropriate. If your work requires rewriting, you can use our dissertation consultation service.
  • I just need help in my document formatting. Can you do it?
    Yes, if you want to. But we should let you know that our editing experience has taught us that there are proof-reading mistakes in almost every written document. It can be risky to check the formatting only and neglect the other more important mistakes in composition and style. Even then, if you insist to check only formatting, we will edit the citation, referencing, and design (font, indention, pagination etc.) of the work ONLY.


  • Who will be the editor of my work?
    The editor of your work will be a professionals having notable experience of editing academic works and adequate familiarity with your subject of study. The supervisor of the team of editors is responsible for selecting the best available editor for your work.
  • Can I directly communicate the editor assigned to my order?
    Yes, through emails. Just after confirmation of your payment, your order will be forward to the supervisor for assigning the editor. Once the editor has been assigned till the submission of your work, you can contact him/her at any time using our contact us form.
    Before placement of your order, you can indirectly communicate with our team of editor through customer support department. Direct communication is, however, only possible after order placement.


  • How and when will I receive my ordered? Will it be ready to be submitted or I would need to make some changes in it before submitting?
  • The edited work is usually send in two separate documents:

    • Your original copy of the work with marked correction and comments so you can review them
    • Our revised and corrected copy of the work without comments to be used for submission

    Before submitting the revised copy of your work, go through it at least once, to confirm that it is up to the mark.

    The normal delivery time is 22:00 (BST) but in high-traffic seasons, it will be sent before 24:00 (BST). Kindly note that SUNDAYS and PUBLIC HOLIDAYS are non-delivery days.


    • What should I do if my work is not according to my requirement?
      If your work is not according to your requirement, get back to us as within 10 days of delivery for getting FREE revision. If your request of revision was found to be on valid ground, the editor will immediately revise your work in a specified time depending on how complicated the requested revision is.

    Your editor is free to accept or deny the revision, if it comes after 10 days of delivery.

    ***If your work needs revision, place your request within 10 days of delivery***

    • Will you accept the revision if my university send the work with some identified mistakes to be corrected?

    It depends on whether the editor is responsible for these mistakes. If he/she is found responsible, all the requested corrections will be made Without Any Further Cost.
    But if the mistakes are nor related to editing but research and reporting, the editor will not be responsible for the correction.


    • How can I be sure that my document is not plagiarised?
    • A FREE service provided with our Editing service is the scanning of your edited document through However, we do add new passages in your work and the work is originally written by you, we cannot take responsibility of removing the plagiarism from your work.


    • How can I be confirmed that my researched work is safe and will not be stolen?
    • The detailed answer of this question can be found in our Privacy Policy. In short, we have taken these steps for the security and safety or your data:
    • The persons working in our offices have signed a legally-binding agreement with us for not revealing any data, personal or related to orders, to anyone outside the office.
    • We take special care of the security of our servers where all the received information is stored.
    • After completion of the project, the documents sent by the customers to us are completely deleted from our servers.