Essay Exam Tips For UK Students

Do you feel anxious when your essay exam is near and you have no clue how to prepare for it? Are your teachers very cautious in giving out good grades in essay tests? Have you tried every best way possible in essay writing exam yet you got no result? Whichever your case is, you should worry no more about your exam essays.

Below are some free tips that will help you in writing a creative essay and let you pass your exam with ease:

A. In the beginning – What to do?

  • Reading the Instructions: Be calm and stay focused on instructions for your essay prior to start writing the essay. If you don’t comprehend any term of instructions, you can ask your advisors to elucidate the meaning.
  • Preparing the Questions: Following the topics for your essay exam, you should come up with firm questions concerning your essay topics which will come in handy for your essay writing exam.

Simply; don’t prefer any topic that gives a bad impression on admission officers.

B. What is next? – Planning

  • Sorting & Deducing: you will first need to Sort out the questions that are need to be answered first and cut down the questions which you think would exaggerate your essay.
  • Statement: develop the central idea for each essay topic and write your main themes as statements with the topic question.
  • Eliciting the statements: back up your main ideas with at least 1 topic sentence for each.

A. In the beginning – What to do?

  • Making the Intro: The opening of your essay requires a strong thesis statement, so you should be very specific to decide your essay exam thesis statement to catch reader’s attention.
  • How to prepare the Body Text: the essay body text includes the details about your essay exam topics which you should discuss in separate paragraphs with a topic question, core theme, topic sentence and evidence briefly.
  • Concluding the essay: Give a concise follow-up in bullets about the theme of your essay writing exam.

To put it briefly, essay exam is all about demonstrating your creative writing skills so you should put your best efforts to show what you are capable of.

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