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How To Blue-pencil Your Personal Experience Essay

If you are gone through with your draft making part, you need to put it in one side for a while. You will need to get back to it later so that you can give it a more refreshed look and create a more polished piece. If you are bewildered on how to edit and revise your personal experience essay then you may follow the process given below.

Go Through Your Draft Cautiously:

You will need to carefully go through your initial draft and emphasize what you think seems to be illogical and incoherent in your personal experience essays.

Is The Big Picture Clear?

Essays usually revolve around one theme that is called the thesis statement. To put it in uncomplicated words, thesis statement is the big picture of an essay.

Analyze The Hook:

Hook is the pretext of writing an essay at a specific time, which can be seasonal or with a meticulous time of the year, For instance; A TV commercial or someone who out of the blue comes to your dinner table. So, whatsoever your hook is, make sure it is loud and clear.

Revise The Anecdote:

Make certain if the anecdote you are including in your essay is apparent or not. Elucidate the visual details and actions of the story. Is the story associating to the main essence of the essay and how it is serving the outcomes you want to arrive at with the help of your personal experience essay.

Eliminate Extraneous Information:

Wordy paragraphs usually bore the readers so make certain to get rid of impertinent info in your life experience essay.

Thus, if you follow these rules, you can come up with a successful essay that will lead you to some good marks.

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