How To Deal Effectively With Exam Anxiety

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Exam Anxiety

An uncontrollable feeling of rush and confusion in mind, loss of appetite and continuous feeling of butterflies in stomach are only a few symptoms that most students get as the exam date approach near. Exam anxiety is the most unwelcomed yet the definite feeling students suffer from that highly affects their performance in the examination hall with a direct impact on grades. Here are a few points that may help you to deal with your panicky behavior and anxiousness during the exam days:

• Early Bird attitude

‘Early bird catches the worm’ is the most suitable axiom for this situation. Of course no student in the world will revise the notes every day after school but what can really help is going through the entire syllabus of the week at the weekend. This will keep you from panicking near the exam days. You would not need worrying about the unfamiliar topics as there will be none if you followed this strategy.

• Time management

Manage your time around your home environment and your level of comfort. Many students go for group studies that are distracting and not the most suitable study time for everyone. Plan your study routine in 50 minutes batches with a 10 minutes break after each batch.

• Practice

Practice does make the man perfect! Do not hesitate in appearing in class tests and ask your teachers to give practice assignments for mathematical subjects. Even if you have taken a test twice before, appearing a third time will not do any harm but make you even perfect.

• Aim High

You get what you aspire for. If you want to pass the exam, you will pass or make just a better of it. If you plan to get an A+, you will reach an A+ or somewhere near that. Aim high and strive for that aim.

• Avoid Stimulants

Stimulants like caffeine or too much smoking have only temporary effect but may prove a serious problem for your health in your exam days if you are not used to such high amounts and who could afford that at such crucial time? Avoid stimulants by planning out your day realistically and sticking to the plan.