Origin Of Peer Pressure Among Students

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Peer Pressure Among Students

Peers are your colleagues, mates, class fellows or fiends that belong to the same age group and in most case the same status. The feeling of doing something in a particular environment, so that you do not feel left out, to join a particular group or not to fall short of the standards as others are competitive, which you will not consider doing otherwise is the Peer Pressure. In other words, it is about living spot on to the expectation of others.

Peer pressure has both bright and dark sides and one must know to distinguish between them. Sometime peer pressure allows you to go out of your ways to accomplish something, challenge yourself and motivates your goals but it can also, at other times, influence you in a negative sense; like in alcohol use, ways to overcome loneliness etc.

Peer pressure affects people of all ages and it has been there even before the origin of the word PEER. Peer pressure originates from three different roots:
Peer pressure can be direct. It mostly influences the young students and freshman that involves being instructed or explicitly told about what to say, how to behave and what to do. Bullying and ragging are the two most common reasons of negative peer influence especially among freshman. If you feel threatened or being pressurized to do something you do not feel appropriate, take control immediately and talk to your parents, friends, teachers or a counselor.

Peer pressure can also work indirectly. You may not always able to detect the presence of some pressure but you just keep acting or behaving in a certain way with a particular group. This is quite common that a number of students in a group ought to have same habits. The feature teenage film “Mean Girls” is a good example of indirect peer pressure.

Peer pressure is not always a culmination of peers but it could be individual. In order to mingle in a new environment, society or school, students tend to do as the romans do to get acceptability in the alien environment even if they do not feel comfortable in doing so. They want friends and social acceptance and they pressurize themselves to behave the way their peers do.