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Writing Original Essays Ideas: Avert the inadvertent Plagiarism!

Has someone accused you of plagiarism in your essay writing or you want to know how to avoid inadvertent plagiarism in your essays and make them original essays? If yes, here is what you need to know;

Before anything else, let’s first talk about what plagiarism is. It is the unlawful imitation of another author’s work and delivering it as their own work. Students mostly make this mistake because they don’t know the staple way to avoid plagiarism activity and make the original essay a piece of stolen work.

Parenthetical References:

One of the easiest forms of quoting references is called as the “parenthetical references”. In this type of reference, you only have to put a short acknowledgment just after the citation, then include list of the sources mentioned at the end of your essay as “Works cited”, “Bibliography” or the “Reference page”.

For instance:

In case of citing from the internet, the citation format will have only one change and that is; you don’t have the page number on the web page, you have to put in only the author’s last name.e.g.


Inserting Annotates or footnotes will require you to numerically superscript Footnote references at the foot of the same page and the foot note number is positioned at the ending of the sentence.

For instance:

The Oxford Encyclopedia defines Taboo as “an act, thing, self, or place outlawed by rule or culture.1”

Your Foot note:

1Kollus, Brad. “Taboo.” Oxford Encyclopedia. 2000 ed. If you are citing from the internet then

For example:

An encyclopedia of the occult says that the taboo is found amongst many other cultures including the ancient Egyptians, Jews and others.2

Your Foot note:

2 Prepared for Students. 20 Dec. 2000. U. of Michigan. 30 Nov. 2002

Where first date concerns to the web creation or alteration while the second date depicts the date you accessed the web page to write your original essay.

Hopefully this guide will be a help for you to write your essays in a way that no one can say that they are not the original essays! Have fun.

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