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Seeding Book Reading Habit Among Students Is The Need Of Time

Book reading is a trait on its way to extinction. With the overload of technological devices and search engines, students seldom buy books and with search engines, information finding process has gone too specific. No one wants to bother for book reading to get acquainted with a certain topic when they can just ‘Google’ it instantly. Following are the suggestions for teachers and parents to help cultivating the habit of reading among children.

  1. Read

First step towards encouragement for reading among students requires reading yourself. Do not let books be a sacred object preserved in high shelves but let them be in the reach of you kids. If they want you to help them how to do things, try reading it for them from some book. This will cultivate among them the importance of books and a habit of self-exploration and research.

  1. Reading Assignments

There is no reading extraction or assignment that cannot be found on internet. Give your students individual topic or things to find from interesting books, no matter fiction or science exploration and ask them at the end of the weekend what they found. Encourage students about books reviews on the topics of their own interest.

  1. Organize interaction with authors

Give students a research assignment and invite an author who have previously wrote on the same topic. This will not only help in stimulating the students to attend the meeting to clear their topics and work but it will also encourage them to read books of that author to efficiently do with their assignments.

  1. Set reading strategies

To encourage the students to read, develop strategies to hook them in. Connect the importance of reading with their goals and careers may be in the form of dissertations or thesis but do not do in a lecture long way but in a mild subtle manner. Try to understand the psychology or what is ‘in’ these days and ask them to borrow such books from their libraries and conduct some research.

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