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List of Short Essay Writing Topics – absolutely free

Are you in a hunt for free short essay topics? Here is some info that would help you with the concerned matter;

There are no specifications set about the length for an essay, it can be of two to three to even six to seven paragraphs, and it basically depends on the topics. As the name suggests, short essays these essays are short yet wide-ranging essays.

Writing a short essay is a very trouble-free job but to choose a topic is a bit intricate task, you need to be really watchful while picking out a topic as it is first thing a reader notice.

Now, here’s the List of free short essay topics

  • Who is your best classmate? And why?
  • My teacher.
  • My favorite book.
  • Describe your daily routine.
  • Talk about your favorite subjects.
  • Visit to a famous city.
  • Last summer picnic.
  • A journey by train.
  • Visit to a zoo.
  • The country I would like to go.
  • Talk about a frightening incident you had.
  • If I have thousand dollars in my pocket.
  • Road side accident.
  • A narrow escape.
  • An interesting story I have heard.
  • Ten things you enjoy doing.
  • About me.
  • My favorite sports.
  • My hobby.
  • Discuss about the habit of smoking cigarettes.
  • Talk about the value of education.
  • Mathematics is crucial for the progress of humans.
  • Talk about science and its effect.
  • Tolerance is crucial for harmonious society.
  • Reading newspaper daily is a good habit.

So, writing a Writing a short essay is not a big deal anymore, is it?

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