UK’s First Ever Research Evolution Center To Be Launched

By July 10, 2015 News No Comments
Research Evolution Center

With the largest donation from Science student, University of Bath, UK, plans to launch UK’s first evolution center with the name Milner center for Evolution after the name of graduate from Bath University who intends to donate £5mn.

The biology and biochemistry graduate from University of Bath, 1988, Dr. Jonathan Milner is contributing a donation of £5 million as a gift to his graduate school so as to support new research facilities and revolutionize new research projects with vacancies for new researchers and public engagement officer for to-be launched Milner Center for Evolution, that is going to be the second research center worldwide aiming evolving research.

The evolution center will concentrate its work on three related strand for the start:

• Research on life evolution involving genetics and fossil studies.

• Applied research of genetic tracking of MRSA infections tracing its way to evolving microbes so as to facilitate in the medical treatment procedures.

• Spreading the message of evolution research in schools at primary and secondary level through improved teaching of evolution and to modify the ways of messaging in public health sector via evolution.

Dr. Milner expressed it as a responsibility of scientists to share their research and knowledge to the rest of the world with evolution as the basis of modern biology that is the passion of his life.

The vice chancellor, Professor Dame Glints Break well, of University of Bath, remarked the launch as a landmark monument in the history of university as well as of UK. He said that the University is highly honored and pleased to receive the gift from Dr. Milner.

Milner Center for Evolution is expected to start from autumn 2016 and will be in working shape in December 2017.