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3 Secrets for Winning Essays Contest

It’s such a tremendous feeling to win any contest, whether it’s cooking, outlining, painting etc. But to win any competition, there are some central issues you need to take care of; same goes with the essay competitions.

Now it’s time to have a look on those secrets that will assure your success in an essay writing contest

  1. Strictly follow the rules:

First, read the instructions cautiously which will tell you what to write about;what is the cut-off date and the word count limit. For instance, if the word count is up to 1000 words and you have written 1001 word based essay then you will be straight away disqualified.

  1. Have a look on past winning essays:

Do have access on the past award winning essays? if not, you must attain them as they will give you ideas on what kind of essays won the competition and what is the formation that is usually expected from a winning essay.

  1. Your success relies upon how you start off your essay:

The first paragraph should be very sturdy of your essay so it can grab the attention of the readers. Particularly, if it is about a short essay contest, then it is your first sentence which makes you win or lose.

Thereby, if want to win an essay contest, you need to make certain that you follow the set rules by keeping different essay samples in front of you and then Finally start the essay to ensure a resounding success!

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