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Writing Consultation Questions

Both native and international students in united kingdom face diffiflculties and search fro writing consultation faq’s. We provide a solutions with proper plan for ukstudents. We have a large team of professionals.


Of course, you can. It doesn’t matter what is your academic level as we can provide dissertation topics for all academic levels. Our dissertation topic help service is not limited to selection of a topic but is provided with a 250 words topic brief that includes.

Writing Receive your Research Topic provided with 250 words brief in just 3-5 business days and immediately start your research task!!!

Although having a large in-house team of research writers with different academic backgrounds enable us to take order on most of the topics, but if we do not have time or expertise for writing on your topic, we never risk your success and will not take the order. That’s why we suggest you to contact our customer service department and inquire about your topic before placing the order.

Click here to contact our customer services to discuss your particular topic!!!

We have provided help to a number of PhD students in their research proposals as an application for their PhD dissertation. Our success rate is 70% without revision and the rest 30% were revised till their approval.

We usually include 3 main sections in a research proposal namely introduction (including research statement and questions), literature review and methodology, but if your university’s provided outline has more sections in it, we can surely follow that.

DEGREE STANDARD (2:1, 2:2, First-Class etc.)

These are the UK degree level standards. First-Class standard refers to around 70%+, 2:1 refers to around 60%-70% and 2:2 refers to around 50%-60% score.

We offer guarantee of providing 2:1standard work. However, it would be defined according to your satisfaction. It is recommended to all students that they divide their works in draft and take feedback from their supervisor on each draft so that they know their supervisor’s preferences during the development of work and can make needed revision before submitting the final work to the university. This can help them a lot in getting their desired standard.


You can take our service for any particular part of your dissertation, thesis or research paper, irrespective of its length – it can be a small section, a full chapter or a group of two or three chapters. We do not restrict you to take help for the whole dissertation only. We believe in providing service according to your requirement and wishes.


Before sending drafts or document to you, we forward them to our quality assurance department who scrutinize it for identifying the mistakes in grammar, punctuation, referencing, stylization etc. The corrected document is then scanned for plagiarism to ensure that it is 100% plagiarism-free.
After getting clearance from the quality assurance department, we sent your work in your specified format through an email.
We recommend you to go through the work after receiving it, if you feel that there is need of any revision or change, come back to us. The time needed for revising your work will depend upon the length of the document.
How can I be confirmed that my order has been placed successfully? As soon as we get payment for your order, we’ll send you a sales receipt to your specified email address to confirm that your order has been placed successfully.


Your work will be written by a professional academic writer having adequate knowledge and writing experience in your field of study. After confirmation of your order, we transfer the details to the supervisor of research service depart to assign the most suitable writer to your order.

Yes, we provide the email contact service for direct communication between writer and customer. But for that you will have to wait till the confirmation of your order placement. After that, you can use our contact us form for writing messages to your writer whenever you want.

If you want to discuss any particular issue with the writer before the placement of order, you can do so by contacting our customer support representative, who will serve as a messenger between you and the team of our writers. Direct communication is, however, not allowed till the confirmation of order



Order Our 100% Plagiarism Free Dissertation Writing Service To get praise from your supervisor for the originality of your work

This is really an important question to ask from any writing service you use. In our case, we have trained writers who can write your work in your own writing style so your supervisor always sees it as your own work. Your personal information will be kept secret as well; for more details on this read our privacy policy.

Writing Consultation PRICES & DISCOUNTS

You can calculate the price of your order from our simple and quick price calculator. We have structured our pricing on four main pillars…

So we cannot send you a fixed price for your order unless you fill in this information on our calculator that will give you the exact price for your order.

Discount Offer


2500-5,000 5%
5250-7500 7.50%
7750-10,000 10%
10,250-15,000 12.50%
15,250 or above 15%

Essay, Research Paper, Term Paper, Coursework etc.

1,000-2500 10%
2750-3750 12.50%
More Then 3750 15.00%
10,250-15,000 12.50%
15,250 or above 15%


Sure, we can! Our writer have access to the famous scholarly digital databases such as EBSCOHost, Questia, JSTOR, InformaWorld, Proquest, etc., to include the most updated references from your specified country’s sources in your work. If you want to use only those sources taken from your university digital library, you can provide us your university login and we’ll make sure that all the references are taken from your university approved sources.


Your order work will be emailed to you in your specified format, usually MS word doc format, either before or by the deadline mentioned by you. We try to send the words to our clients some 24 hours prior to the original deadline

The standard time for order delivery is 22:00 (BST) but, in case of high internet traffic, we’ll make sure that it will get to you before 24:00 (BST). No deliveries are made on SUNDAYS and PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

Writing Consultation REVISIONS

This usually does not happen but don’t worry if you face any such issue. Just get back to your writer and inform him/her about the problem within 10 days of delivery date. You’ll get FREE REVISION on your work if your complaint was found to be valid. The time needed for revising the work will depends on the complexity of revision.

Revisions that come later than 10 days of delivery will only be accepted if the respective writers agreed to revise them.

***For revision of your works, come back to us within 10 DAYS of order delivery***


All the payment methods provided by these brands are acceptable to us including the VISA or MASTER Debit Cards.

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